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Hung Like a Stallion - Part 1: The Shetland Pony

2022-10-20 00:50:49

Author’s Note: Although this story can be read independently, it was created as a follow-up to the Doggy Style series. For full enjoyment—and to avoid spoilers—please read Doggy Style (Parts 1-5 + Bonus).


It was the middle of the night and the city was asleep. Only the occasional light ruptured the blanket of darkness of a quiet neighborhood. Inhabited by less-than-upstanding citizens, the district was nonetheless home to countless businesses, though most of them were not what you would call legal. One of those businesses took place in a small warehouse. From the two guards standing at the door, it looked more like a nightclub than what it truly was; an underground horse bestiality ring. People from all across the city came to watch young women have sex with sex with stallion. Due to the low cover charge, the audience members came from all walks of life. But they all had one thing in common; they loved watching an innocent young thing being defiled by a powerful stallion.

Deep within the building, such an innocent young thing stood in the changing room. The room was small and dirty and a row of half-destroyed lockers lined every wall. There were three exits. One led outside, the other to the arena and the third to the showering room. But the only occupant of the room—a gorgeous eighteen-year-old woman by the name of Barbie Lez—was too nervous to notice her filthy surroundings. Her hands shook as she slipped out of her skimpy outfit, revealing the most perfect body in the world.

She had long, platinum-blonde hair with strategically placed, bright-pink highlights, full, pouty lip and piercing, emerald-green eyes. Now fully nude, there was nothing covering up her firm, D-Cup boobs. Her bounce-a-quarter-off-of-it butt was equally visible as was her tight, clean-shaven pussy. One final detail helped make her the most beautiful woman on earth. A large, bright-pink tattoo seemed to hover between her pussy and navel. Shaped like the lesbian symbol, it made every man who saw it want her that much more. After all, what kind of man would not want to have his way with a lesbian—especially such a hot one?

“Relax,” Barbie told herself as she steadied her shaking hands enough to grab a surprisingly short nightie from the open locker before her. Completely see-through and barely long enough to cover her bouncy behind, Barbie did not really see the point of the garment. But she had been instructed to put it on and that was all that mattered. Taking a seat on the bench that stood perfectly centered in the grimy room, Barbie took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. When that did not work, she decided to distract herself my letting her mind wander. Within seconds, she thought back to what had led her there.

It had all started with a few simple words. Horse bestiality! Well, the truth was it had really started with Candy Love, but that is another story altogether.

A week earlier.

The sun was just rising when Barbie heard pounding on the door. Grunting, she was pulled from sleep. Grumbling something about needing sleep after what she had been through—after all, she had spent the last few days having sex with five different dogs and taking down a bestiality porn ring led by a woman named Candy Love. Still, it appeared as though rest was a luxury Barbie was not entitled to. Slipping into a bathrobe, she answered the door to find Inspector Richard Dick—ironic, I know—from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police standing before her. Though he was usually desk-bound, he took every opportunity her could to get out of the office. That was why he had led the raid that had taken down one of the largest bestiality porn rings in the history of the country.

“What are you doing here?” asked Barbie sleepily.

Inspector Dick seemed confused.

“You agreed to help. Didn’t you?” he inquired.

Barbie nodded. She had indeed agreed to help the RCMP infiltrate and take down a bestiality ring specializing in horse porn, but she had expected to be given at least a few days to recover from her ordeal.

“Apparently, I was wrong,” thought Barbie. Still, she was not about to let the cops dictate what she could and could not do. If she helped them, it would be on her terms, not theirs. But first, she had to know why Inspector Dick was there.

“We need to train you before you are sent out into the field,” explained the cop. The busty tighten-year-old had assumed taking down a bestiality rind almost by herself would be enough, but apparently not.

“All right, but first I have to get Nikki ready for school,” said Barbie, thinking of her beloved little sister. Only six years old, she was the reason why Barbie had agreed to help the cops—well, that and the fact that the thought of having sex with a horse sent shivers of arousal running down her spine. She imagined Nikki being recruited by a sweet-talking pornographer and images of her sister being defiled by a savage animal played through her mind. It was too late for Barbie, but Nikki still had a chance at a normal life. And in order for that to happen, she had to go to school.

“Come back in an hour,” said Barbie as she slammed the door in the poor Inspector’s face.

Exactly one hour later, Barbie heard a knock on her door. Nikki had only minutes before climbed onto the school bus for another day of school and Barbie had just made it back to her apartment. Sighing, she answered the door to find the Inspector waiting for her.

“Ten minutes,” was all she said. But instead of slamming the door in his face, she invited him in. The cop took a seat in the living room and waited for Barbie to get ready. Meanwhile, Barbie slipped into the shower for her daily masturbation session. You see, the busty teen was—and had always been—an insatiable nymphomaniac. Her early norming sexual relief was all that kept her lucid throughout the day. In fact, the last time she had skipped it, she ended up fucking a dog. And we all know how that turned out. So after spending her sexual energy, she hopped out of the shower and slipped into one of her trademark skimpy outfit before joining the Inspector in the living room.

“Ready?” he asked, but not before drinking in the young woman’s great beauty. He was determined to remain professional, but the sight of the barely-clothed bombshell standing before him made it difficult. Fortunately, the thought of his beloved wife soon put him in his place.

“Yup,” said Barbie. And with that, they were off. Because Barbie insisted on being back by four to welcome her sister home from school, the teen’s training—which was supposed to last three days—took the better part of a week.

During that time, she learned the basics of undercover work. But basics were all she learned as the cops wanted to keep her as authentic as possibly. Barbie was primarily a young woman who loved having sex with animals that that was exactly what she had to remain. Still, she needed to learn everything she could about the organization she would be infiltrating. Over the course of her training, the horny blonde learned the structure of the bestiality porn empire she would be attempting to take down as well as the major players involved. The basic layout was as follows:

Level 1: Dozens of small bestiality rings were scattered around the country. Though easy to dismantle, such rings were equally easy to start up. Each time the cops took one down, another one would pop up somewhere else. After disassembling half a dozen such rings, the cops finally discovered there mini organizations were actually recruiting grounds for higher-end bestiality rings.

Level 2: Once a particularly talented young woman was recruited from a level 1 ring, she was cleaned up, given a nice place to live and enough money to live a proper life. All they asked for in return was for the young woman to perform once a week in one of their upscale animal sex shows. Since most recruited women came from impoverished backgrounds, they were all too happy to please their new friends.

Level 3: If a performer displayed enough talent and passion for her new job, she would be recruited for the Hung Like a Stallion show. Each year, the top ten bestiality performers in the country were recruited and asked to compete in a championship. The victor was crowned Bestiality Performer of the Year and awarded a one million dollar grand prize. The event was broadcast across the web and anyone with a credit card and an internet connection could attend—that is, if they were willing to pay the five hundred dollar cover charge. The cops had recruited some of the best hackers in the world, but none of them had managed to break through the site’s firewall in time to pinpoint the broadcast location.

“How do you know all this?” asked Barbie after being briefed on the surprisingly massive empire she had been recruited to infiltrate and take down from within.

“When hacking proved ineffective, we sent in an undercover operative. She managed to make her way to level two and her last communication told us she had been invited to perform in the championship. But that was the last we heard from her. She never performed in the championship, so we can only assume her cover was blown,” explained Inspector Dick casually.

Barbie swallowed nervously.

“I… if a trained officer failed, what makes you think I won’t?” she inquired, though it was obvious her concern was for her life and not her mission. “I have no training.”

“That’s exactly why you will succeed; the operative’s cover was blown because she was a cop. Since you are not, that will not be an issue.”

Barbie nodded, but she was far from convinced. Still, she had agreed to help them and she assumed they knew what they were doing; they were cops after all.

“All right,” she agreed, “What’s my mission.”

The inspector smiled.

“You will basically start at the bottom and gradually work your way up to the top. All you need to do is give us the identity of the man who is in charge of the entire operation. If that is not possibly, the location of the championship should be enough,” he explained.
“Sounds simple,” muttered Barbie, though she knew it would be far from it.

“Don’t worry, we’ll start slowly and I will always be nearby to watch over you,” assured Inspector Dick. Though it was of little comfort, Barbie realized it would have to do.

She nodded. “All right. But I have a few conditions.”

The Inspector seemed surprised, but nodded nonetheless.

“One: I need to make sure my sister will be taken care of during my absence.” Within minutes, it had been agreed that April—Barbie’s hacker friend—would take care of Nikki during Barbie’s absence. Because she would have to take time off of work, the cops agreed to compensate her for lost wages.

“Two: I need you to guarantee both Nikki and her identity will remain safe.”

As before, the condition was soon agreed to. Nikki’s identity would be wiped from public databases and there would be a patrol car watching over her at all times. Finally satisfied, Barbie signed a paper indicating she was going undercover for the RCMP and that every illegal act she committed during her employment would be pardoned. After giving Nikki a farewell hug, Barbie was flown halfway across the country and given a cover story. Because the first rule of undercover work was to stay as close to reality as possible, Barbie’s records indicated she had moved to take advantage of a business opportunity. But when it turned out to be a scam, she was left broke and alone in an unfamiliar city. That was what led her to perform in a crummy bestiality sex show. At least, that is what anyone who came looking would find.

Suddenly, Barbie was snapped back to reality by the sound of a bell ringing in the distance. Glancing around, she realized she was still sitting in a small, crummy changing room.

“Time to perform,” she realized. Her hands were still shaking and her palms were sweaty. Taking a deep breath for courage, she stood on shaky legs and strode toward the door leading to the arena. She made her way down a narrow corridor that was bathed in shadows until she emerged into a brightly lit arena. Blinded by the sudden change in lighting, she shielded her eyes until they had adjusted. Lowering her hand, she realized she had stepped into a small arena. Surrounding it were three rows of benches. Though obviously improvised, the bleachers could accommodate a little over one hundred people. But that night, the audience was only half that size. Still, Barbie felt her heart beat madly in her chest as she strode to the center of the arena, where a surprisingly large Shetland pony waited for her.

Though technically a pony, the pale brown beast resembled more a horse due to his fine limbs. Standing at five feet—from the bottom of his hooves to the top of his head—the poor beast was obviously overworked and far from young. Still, Barbie was glad to find a pony instead of a full-grown stallion. Though bestiality was far from a new concept to the busty nymphomaniac, going from sex with a dog to sex with a horse was quite a leap. But she soon forgot about that when she heard the announcer introduce her as a newcomer to the world of equine bestiality. She heard a few boos from the crowd, but they soon turned to cheers when the announcer explained she was the star of a bestselling canine bestiality film.

But Barbie was not listening. She had remembered her mission and was scanning the crowd in search of a potential recruiter. Unfortunately, no one fit the profile. However, she did spot a familiar face. She gasped when she recognized Inspector Dick sitting in the front row. He was wearing plain clothes and no one seemed to be aware he was a cop.

“That’s what he meant when he said he would always be nearby to watch over me,” realized Barbie. She was not sure how she felt about him being there. Performing for a bunch of strangers was one thing, but doing so for someone who could arrest her for doing just that was quite another. But she soon forgot all about that when one of the spectators got tired of waiting and yelled for her to, “Suck his dick already!” A loud cheer followed this and Barbie realized the time for thinking was over; it was time to act.

Taking a deep breath, Barbie turned to her lover-to-be. But the reality of the situation suddenly hit her and she stopped dead in her tracks. Though images of massive canine cocks filled her mind when she masturbated, the thought of a stallion cock filling her was terrifying. She had no doubt the feeling would be great, but she had heard stallions cocks could measure up to thirty-six inches. Having a foot-long schlong diving in and out of her was one thing, but three feet was too much even for her. Though she was convinced thirty-six inches was an exaggeration, the thought of a huge equine cock ripping her pussy open terrified her. Unfortunately, it was too late to back down now.

“I just hope his cock is not too big,” thought the teen as she hesitantly strode toward the Shetland pony. After all, he was a pony; how big could his cock be?

After petting the small stallion to make sure he was accustomed to her presence, Barbie slipped out of her skimpy nightie. A surprisingly loud cheer rose from the audience when the teen’s body was revealed. If her bestiality skills were anything like her beauty, they were about to witness the best show of their lives. Feeling encouraged by the crowd’s eagerness, Barbie took a seat next to the pony. She felt the dirt on her ass as she peered between the steed’s hind legs. A relieved sigh escaped the busty teen as she found a less-than-massive, half-erect schlong hanging between her lover-to-be’s legs. Though far from fully erect, the spear was nowhere near as massive as Barbie had feared. Realizing this forced arousal to replace her dread, making her desperate to feel that enticing equine dick in her hands. Without a moment of hesitation, she reached out.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she wrapped her fingers around the blisteringly hot manhood. Powerful waves of arousal started washing over her as she started moving her hand back and forth, forcing the steed’s prick to harden with every passing second. Before long, it was hard as rock and fully engorged.

“Wow!” could not help but gasp Barbie in amazement. Though not as big as she had feared, it was perfectly sized for her first taste of equine cock. Measuring twelve inches in length, the rigid shaft was quite different from the canine cock Barbie was used to. Half-black, half-pink, the erect prick had a two-inch-wide dickhead and a twelve inch-long shaft. Measuring one and a half inches at the tip, the shaft was widened to two inches at the base. But that was all Barbie had time to notice before she felt an uncontrollable urge to taste her lover’s manhood. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she felt her lips make contact with the rock-hard rod. Not wasting a second, she forced it past her lips and into her mouth. Another blissful moan escaped her as she started stimulating his head with her tongue. Her hand remained wrapped around the pony’s spear and slid up and down while she did her best to stimulate his head with her tongue and lips. The small stallion seemed to enjoy his human lover’s eager touch because he soon released a powerful whinny. Apparently as aroused as the horny equine, the crowd started cheering, convincing Barbie to escalate things.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned yet again as she attempted for force her lover’s schlong past her uvula. Unfortunately, the pony’s schlong was too massive to let Barbie deep throat it. Though disappointed, Barbie did not let her failed escalation ruin her good mood. She continued forcing her lover’s schlong in and out of her mouth as she used her tongue and lips to stimulate it as best as she could. Meanwhile, she continued jerking her hand up and down the entirety of his shaft, forcing more arousal to fill the steed’s body. Though he had been sucked off by hundreds of young women over the years, he had never before felt one do so with such verve and natural skill. So much skill, in fact, that he soon felt an orgasm build within him. As if to let his lover know what was coming, he whinnied again.

Unfortunately, Barbie did not understand the horny stallion’s warning and remained unaware of his imminent orgasm until his cock started jerking about in her mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned eagerly as she realized she was about to get her first taste of stallion cum. She had been so busy with everything else, she had not even had a spare second to wonder if an equine’s cum tasted anything like a canine’s. But she was about to find out.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she felt her lover’s first wave shoot into her mouth. The first thing she noticed was that, just like the many liters of dog cum she had ingested, the pony’s jizz tasted incredibly sweet. In fact, if not for the equine cock that filled her mouth, Barbie would have sworn a dog was squirting into her mouth. The second thing she noticed was the fact that a stallion’s squirts are not only much more powerful than a canine’s, but also much more voluminous. Though she did her best to swallow every drop of sweet nectar that gushed into her cock-filled mouth, her oral cavity soon overflowed. With only a small percentage of the semen produced finding its way into her digestive system, the rest was forced past her lips. Flying in all direction, it soon covered the two lovers in and ever-thickening layer of cum.

Seeing the cum fly through the air, the crowd cheered deliriously. Desperate to keep his cover intact, Inspector Dick cheered along with them. But in his inner self, he wondered how people could possibly be turned on by the sight taking place before them. Sure, Barbie was a breathtakingly beautiful woman, but what she was doing with that pony was repulsive.

“Well, sort of,” thought the Inspector and soon felt a something stir between his legs. It took him a few seconds to understand he was getting turned on at the sight of Barbie drinking her lover’s sweet orgasmilk. He fought the feeling and eventually managed to regain control of her emotions. Nonetheless, his eyes remained glued to the arousing spectacle that was unfolding before him.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Barbie again as she swallowed yet another mouthful of sweet jizz. She continued doing this for an astonishing amount of time. By the time the final wave flowed into her, she was totally stunned by how much semen her lover had produced. Though his cock was the same size as the Great Dane she had fucked over a week earlier, the amount of cum produced was easily twice as much, possibly even more. Still, she was happy when she felt his cock start to shrink. Pulling away, she swallowed a final mouthful of sweet nectar before taking the first breath in what felt like an eternity.

As she caught her breath, Barbie took a few moments to survey the crowd in search of a potential recruiter. A usual, her search remained fruitless. Nonetheless, she soon found Inspector Dick staring at her with a wide smile plastered across his face. It was clear he was enjoying watching her suck the Shetland pony’s cock. Barbie was not sure if she should feel proud of the effect she had on him of repulsed by his obviously perverse personality. Luckily, she soon forgot all about that when she felt her lover’s tongue on her pussy.

“Whoa!” was her initial reaction as she felt his massive equine tongue slither across her lower lips. But the arousal that washed over her told her the surprise was only temporary. A moan flowing past her lips soon told her she was about to get tongue-fucked by a horse. Being licked by a dog was one thing, but horses were not known for being lickers. Then again, most horses were not trained to pleasure a woman. Shrugging, Barbie decided to take full advantage of the stallion’s obvious skills. Lying down, she spread her legs to give her lover better access and let him do the rest. Luckily for the horny teen, that was exactly what the pony did.

“Oh god!” moaned Barbie as she felt her equine lover’s tongue slither back and forth across her labia. Within seconds, every last drop of cum had been licked from her lower lips. Though the cum-hungry animal could have easy licked any other part of the teen’s cum-covered body, he instead decided to ingest the pre-cum that filled her cunt.

“FUCK!” moaned Barbie blissfully as she felt the small stallion clench his tongue muscles and thrust his now rigid appendage into her soaking wet poon. Wiggling his tongue about, he managed to extract every last drop of pre-cum from the cum-covered nymphomaniac’s twat in only a few licks. Fortunately for the moaning teen, he continued thrusting his tongue in and out of her. As the seconds passed, the rhythm of his tongue thrusts increased and so did Barbie’s moans.

“Oh god!”

“Oh yes!”

“Oh fuck!”

Barbie’s moans echoed throughout the arena. But the blissful cried were soon drowned out by the loud cheering of the crowd as, fueled by arousal, they encouraged the busty teen before them. By then, Inspector Dick was unable to keep his arousal in check. His cock hardened almost instantly and he remained seated by fear of anyone noticing his raging hard on. So he just sat there, feeling a mixture of guilt and arousal as he watched the wailing young woman getting her pussy fucked my her lover’s massive tongue.

Though Barbie was moaning blissfully and the feeling of that massive equine tongue darting in and out of her felt better than all pervious tongue-fucking sessions, she could not help but crave more. She felt slightly guilty, as if such a thought meant her lover’s skills were lacking. Luckily, that was not the case; far from it. Still, she continued craving more until she brought her hands up to her chest.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned blissfully as she squeezed her boobs. She started massaging them, but that soon proved to be ineffective; she still wanted more. It was not until she started rolling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger that she finally felt satisfied. Using the cum as lubricant, she stimulated her erect nipple as best as she could, forcing her arousal to jump to the next level. The dual stimulation soon made it impossible to keep the storm of arousal that raged within her contained.

“I’m gonna cum!” she announced, forcing a roar of approval from the crowd, “I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!” Sure enough, she soon felt her pussy start to shake and shiver as her lover continued thrusting his tongue in and out of her. A split second later, she felt the first wave flow up from the depths of her cunt.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” she shrieked at the top of her lungs as the sweet nectar shot up her vaginal canal. Gushing past her lover’s tongue, the hot orgasmilk squirted past her lower lips. Sent flying high into their air, the gooey liquid split into millions upon millions of tiny drops and rained down upon the interspecies couple, adding another layer of cum to their already orgasmilk-covered bodies. Moan after moan flowed past Barbie’s lips as wave after wave of sweet nectar did the same from her cunt.

Inspector Dick’s eyes remained glued to the interspecies couple before him. His arousal had risen considerably and he was struggling to keep from stocking his engorged manhood through the fabric of his pants. Yet, he somehow managed to keep his hands away from his shaft during the entirety of Barbie’s orgasm.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Barbie, a minute later, when the final wave flowed out of her. Her hungry lover continued licking the cum that filled her cunt, but Barbie was too exhausted from her intense orgasm to get turned on. She just lay there, panting like a dog on a hot day as her lover continued licking her cunt. Meanwhile, the crowd continued cheering and applauding, impressed by this newcomer’s bestial skills.

Barbie knew she had to give a good show, but she had come down from her sexual high and the lack of a recruiter made her wonder if she really needed to give a final performance. But before deciding anything, she glanced around the arena. Almost instantly, she spotted someone she realized could very possibly be one of the recruiters Inspector Dick had told her about. He was a short man and would have been totally forgettable if not for the two mountain-of-a-man that sat on either side of him. Dressed in all black, they had more muscles that a bodybuilder. Barbie had no trouble identifying them as bodyguards. She brought her attention back to the short man and noticed he was holding a camera. Seeing this, there was no doubt in the teen’s mind that he was a recruiter.

“Either that, or he’s some rich creep who wants a souvenir,” thought Barbie, desperately hoping for the former. Realizing now was her chance to get recruited, she got to work, determined to give the best performance of her life. Glancing around, she soon discovered exactly what she would need to do just that. Getting to her hands and knees, she made her way around the Shetland pony until she found his half-erect cock hanging between his hind legs. Apparently the taste of Barbie’s cum had turned him on again. Taking full advantage of this, Barbie wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started jerking her hand back and forth. Within seconds, the small stallion was ready for round two.

“I’ll be right back,” said Barbie as she momentarily left her lover alone. She hurried across the area and grabbed the bench she had noticed standing there. Bench in hand, she returned to her lover and placed it beneath him. A smile curled her lips as she realized it was perfectly sized for what she had in mind.

“It’s almost like it’s made for that,” thought Barbie, until she realized that could very well be the case. But that was not important; the only thing that mattered was that this was her one chance to prove her worth to the recruiter. With that in mind, she slipped in the space between the bench and the steed’s stomach. She felt the rough wood against her back as she realized her lover’s underside was only inches from her stomach. In fact, her boobs rubbed up against him each time he inhaled. But her boobs were not what Barbie was worried about; she had to find a way to reach down and guide her love’s schlong to her cunt. Unfortunately, that would prove hard to do as her maneuverability was restricted. Fortunately, the horny pony soon came to her rescue.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” bellowed Barbie as her lover jerked forward, forcing the tip of his rock-hard manhood to press against her lower lips. But the labial massage was cut short when the stallion forced his cock past Barbie’s lower lips. The teen felt her pussy being stretched past all previous limits as every last inches of her lover’s manhood slid into her. Though it was not the first foot-long schlong to fill her twat, it was the first one with a three-inch-wide head. Luckily, only a few waves of pain ensued and they were almost immediately washed aside by much more powerful waves of arousal.

Oohs and aahs fused from the crowd as they saw every last inch of the stallion’s cock dive in and out of the teen’s cunt. The busty blonde seemed so petite and fragile it was hard to believe she was able to accommodate so much equine cock. But she could and the crowd was loving it. Inspector Dick in particular was enjoying every second of the arousing spectacle. His cock had never before been so hard and he soon became unable to keep from slowly massaging it through the fabric of his pants. Though he knew what he was doing was wrong—not only was he married, but he was a cop watching an illegal performance of an even more illegal act—he could not help but feel his arousal level continue to rise as the seconds ticked by.

Barbie’s arousal level also rose at a rapid rate as she felt her lover pound the shit out of her soaking-wet cunt. She was stunned that such a small—and old—animal could thrust his rock-hard cock in and out of her with such force, but soon realized how he was doing it was beside the point; all that mattered was that he was fucking her harder than any animal ever had and Barbie was loving it.

Her moans echoed throughout the arena as the most powerful waves of arousal of her life washed over her, making her wonder why she had waited so long before fucking a horse. Then again, it had only been ten days since she had first tasted the sweet taste of animal cum. Nonetheless, Barbie felt like she should have escalated to stallion sex from day one. The interspecies lovers continued moaning and whinnying for less than half a minute before Barbie felt the most powerful orgasm of her life grow within her.

“OH MY GOD!” she moaned as she felt her pussy start to share and shiver, letting her know it was a matter of seconds before she climaxed. Barbie soon discovered her equine lover was also moments away from an orgasm when she felt his cock start to jerk about in her cunt. As luck would have it, the two lovers released their first waves at the exact same time. Barbie felt her sweet nectar shoot up from the depths of her poon as the pony’s flowed down then entirety of his rock-hard shaft.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” moaned Barbie at the top of her lungs as she felt her lover’s powerful squirt fill her pussy. The force was such that her own cum was momentarily sent flowing back into her. But the two hot fluids soon mixed, creating a human/equine cum cocktail that was sent flying out of Barbie’s cock-filled clam. As usual, the sweet orgasmilk flew I all directions, adding a third layer of cum to the moaning and whinnying lovers.

As the most powerful orgasm of her life shook the teen’s body, equally powerful moans flowed past her lips. In fact, they were so powerful that her vocal cords eventually stopped working. No longer able to form words, she was forced to release plain old moans.

“MMM! MMM! MMM!” she went, a moan flowing past her lips each time her eager lover’s shaft was thrust into her, sending more and more cum flowing out of her.

Meanwhile, the crowd was cheering madly. Many of them were regulars, but never before had they witnessed such a sensual, yet hardcore display of bestial love. Though most were standing and cheering, a few remained seated, their hands jerking between their legs. One of those horny bastards was Inspector Dick. He gripped his erect shaft through the fabric of his pants and jerked his hands back and forth. With his eyes still glued on Barbie and her equine lover, he soon felt an orgasm explode in his pants. He struggled to keep from jerking about as he climaxed.

“Oh my god,” he mentally gasped when he was done, “What have I done?” Not only had he indecently exposed himself, but he had done so while watching something he knew all too well was illegal. To make things worse, he had mentally cheated on his wife. The more he thought about what he had done, the worse he felt. To make things worse, he would have to find a way to keep his cum-stained pants from attracting any unwanted attention when the show came to an end. Realizing the best thing to do was leave while everyone’s attention was on the interspecies couple climaxing in the arena, he got to his feet and hurried down the bleachers.

Meanwhile, Barbie and the Shetland pony continued squirting wave and wave of hot cum all over the place, making the massive puddle of cum that surrounded them much bigger. Their orgasms raged on for an impressive amount of time before their final eaves flowed out of them. Barbie could not help but sigh in relief as she felt her lover’s cock start to shrink. Though she had enjoyed every second of their interspecies pounding, she could not help and feel relieved when the pony’s manhood popped out of her pussy, letting the cum that still filled her cunt flow out onto the bench. Unable to move due to the fact that every muscle in her body had given out, she lay there, paint madly. Unlike his human lover, the small stallion found the strength to sidestep and stood beside the panting human.

When Barbie finally found the strength to sit, a few minutes later, the crowd was still cheering. Getting to her feet, she bowed to her audience. As she did this, she searched the crowd and was stunned to find the short man with the camera and the two huge bodyguards missing.

“Where did he go?” wondered Barbie as her eyes darted across the crowd. But she did not find him. Instead, she realized the Inspector was gone too.

“Something is wrong,” she thought, but realized there was nothing she could do about it. The best way to proceed was act like everything was normal. So with that in mind, she bowed to her adoring audience one last time and strode out of the arena.

A minute later, she entered the crummy changing room to find Inspector Dick waiting for her. At least nothing had happened to him thought Barbie as relief washed over her. Though she was relieved to see him, she could not help but inquire as to his presence there.

“What are you doing here?” she asked as she glanced around anxiously. “What if someone sees us?”

The Inspector, who was sitting on the bench in the center of the room, kept his legs crossed as he answered, no doubt trying to keep his cum-stained pants from telling Barbie he had enjoyed her performance a little too much. He let her know the perimeter had been checked and they were alone and free to speak. Barbie sighed in relief as she took a seat next to the cop, smearing an impressive amount of cum onto the wooden bench.

“So, what now?” she asked.

The cop shrugged.

“I didn’t see any recruiters,” he said, though he realized he had been too busy enjoying the show to even think of studying the crowd for suspicious characters. Barbie considered mentioning the short man with the camera and the two guards, but assumed the Inspector would have noticed him if he was truly a recruiter. Of course, she had no idea he had spent the entirety of the show with his eyes glued to her.

“So, what now?” repeated Barbie.

Another shrug from the Inspector.

“There isn’t much you can do except keep on performing until you are approached,” he admitted.

Barbie suddenly had a horrifying thought.

“What if I’m not good enough?”

The Inspector chuckled.

“Don’t worry about that; you’re great!” he said in a slightly overeager voice. Barbie recalled noticing the cop’s aroused expression during the show and could not help but wonder how to react; should she be creeped out or thankful for the complement?

“Th… thanks,” she stuttered, opting for the ladder.

An awkward pause ensued before the inspector got to his feet and, making sure to keep Barbie from seeing his cum-stained pants, headed for the exit.

“Just return to your cover apartment and act normal until you are contacted for your next performance,” he said, then vanished through the door leading out of the building. Barbie was left sitting there, covered in cum and unsure what to do. She decided the first step was to wash the thick layer of cum that still covered every inch of her body. Getting to her feet, she grabbed a towel from her locker and strolled over to the showering room.

Ten minutes later, she came back out, her body free from cum and glistening with water.

“Wow!” she heard a male voice say when she entered the changing room. She turned to find the announcer standing to her left. Barbie had not really paid any attention to him before, but now that he stood before her, she realized just how disgusting he truly was. Grossly overweight, his clothes were filthy and his hair was slicked back with way too much hair gel. To make things worse, his mouth was open in amazement as he looked Barbie up and down. Though he had assisted the teen’s performance, he was breath taken at the sight of her up-close beauty. The gaze of fifty people upon her was one thing, but a one-on-one ogling session soon made the nude teen uncomfortable. Wrapping the towel around her body, she snapped the man back to reality.

“Sorry,” he apologized as he averted his eyes. “I just wanted to come give you your money.”

Barbie was surprised.


It was the announcer’s turn to her surprised.

“You know, for the performance.”

“Ohhh…” gasped Barbie, realizing she had almost blown her cover. After all, why would anyone perform such perverse acts if not for large sums of money? That is, unless they worked for the cops. Barbie smiled innocently and the man seemed to buy it, because he pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills and handed her five.

“Thanks,” said Barbie, taking the money.

“You’re welcome,” said the man and turned to leave. But before her could make it two steps, he turned back around. “Great show!” he added.

“Thanks,” said Barbie as she watched him leave. She was so disgusted by the gross man that she considered taking another shower. But she opted against it and instead headed to her locker. Moments later, she had slipped into one of her skimpy outfits. Grabbing her purse and sliding the money into it, she headed for the exit.

Stepping outside, she sighed in relief as she inhaled the fresh air—well, fresh compared to the smell of rancid cum mixed with sweat and horse poo that filled the building. But that was all she had time to do before she felt two powerful hands grab her while a third placed a chloroform-drenched cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggled for a few seconds until the chloroform forced her body to go limp. She barely had time to identify her attackers as the short camera man’s two huge bodyguards.

“I was right,” thought Barbie as she realized the short man was in fact a recruiter. Well, either that or she was being kidnapped by some random pervert.

“I hope it’s the former,” was her last thought before passing out.

To be continued in Part 2...


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