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The Beginning _(3)

2023-01-24 00:09:19

He was back 2 nights later, 2 nights after he'd taken me to his bed, taught me to let him French kiss me, and had me jerk him off. The coercion and manipulation was absent tonight. After he had watched the news on TV he went to the bathroom, came into my room, yanked off my bedsheet, took my arm and led me back to his bed. He didn't pretend or anything like before; he was all business.

"Take off your shorts and get on the bed" he ordered me.

Sleepily I pulled down my undershorts and crawled up onto his bed, a bed left empty by my mother's departure several weeks ago, and laid on my back with my arms at my side waiting. He slipped off his shorts and got on the bed next to me. His small cock was already erect and he laid almost on top of me kissing me on my mouth sticking his tongue between my lips while running his hands over my nude body. Again he took my hand and curled it around his cock while he kissed me full on my mouth and had me jerk on it like the other night, but this was different. Tonight we were both naked and he wasn't pretending that his was consoling me or anything like that. His breathing was heavy and he seemed to be in a rush. His nervousness from the other night was gone. He knew what he wanted from me and he was going to have it without pretense.

After kissing me and having me jerk on his boner, he straddled my narrow 8-year old chest with his dick close to my face as he loomed above me.

"Kiss it." I leaned forward a little and kissed his cock on the head. "Again." I kissed his cock again. He propped my head up a little more with some pillows so I was directly facing his cock. "Lick the hole." I licked his pee hole and something that was on it stuck to my lips as I leaned back a little. "Now put the head of it in your mouth and suck on it like it's a lolly pop." He leaned his hips forward and I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked on it like he told me to. My mind was racing thinking what had gotten into him, what was he doing to me, why was he making me do this? I knew that fathers and sons didn't do this together and that it was wrong. But I didn't have any choice. He was the boss. As always.

He was breathing heavier now and moving his hips forward thrusting his cock into my mouth and almost making me gag. He built up some momentum and took my head in his hands and held it in place while he thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. I was gagging but couldn't get away because he held my head in place thrusting his cock further down my throat. Tears began to fall from the corners of my eyes as I gagged and choked silently on his cock. I thought I was going to suffocate.

His breathing was heavier and finally a low growl eminated from deep inside of him and he pulled back a little keeping the head of his cock in my mouth. His cock jumped and throbbed and my mouth began to fill with warm gooey salty creamy liquid that I knew from the night before was his climax.

"Swallow it. Swallow it down" he gasped and I swallowed it all down though it seemed to keep coming out of his dick endlessly. The taste was strange but not offensive. I wasn't sure then what it was but I knew it came out of his dick and that the only thing that came out of my dick was nasty. Finally the stream abated and he semi-collapsed over me as he regained his breathe.

"Not bad for the first time" he said. "Not great, but you'll learn."

He turned off of me and laid down on his back next to me. The other night after he had shot his load on my stomach he had handed me tissues, told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself, and then go back to me bed. I started to get up to leave but he grabbed my arm. "Where do you think you're going?" "Uh, I was going back to bed" I mumbled. "No, not any more. From now you sleep here with me." And from that night on I went to sleep in his bed. I was instructed to sleep in the nude and to go to bed earlier so I would be ready when he finally came to bed.

He told me that no one was to know what we were doing together, that it had to remain a secret. If I ever told anyone what I had done then I would be in big trouble. He never acknowledged that I had only done what he had ordered me to do and that I hadn't acted out of choice. But I didn't have any choice and night after night he would come to bed, take me in his arms, kiss me tenderly on my mouth, probe his tongue into my mouth, and treat me like I was a girl. While kissing me he would run his hand up and down my back occassionally grabbing my ass cheeks and, after awhile, rubbing his finger on my anus. As time went on he did more than rub my anus; he would moisten his middle finger and stick it up my ass. He would rotate his finger inside me and move it in and out of my rectum while he kissed me. And the finale was him straddling my chest and fucking my face causing me to gag and choke without letting up. Sometimes he fucked my mouth so hard I spit up. He would laugh. Then he would reinsert his cock in my mouth, have me hold his shaft and rub it, and finally shoot his load of cum in my mouth for me to swallow.

He told me that I was now his cocksucker and that I had to do whatever he wanted because sucking a man's cock was bad and I was now more like a girl than a boy. Pretty soon he let me know just how much I was to be like a girl for him.