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The First Meating

2022-08-13 00:00:04

The Story

I sat outside in the car for a few minutes. Questions kept running through my mind without answers. Is this what I really want? Is this safe? What if I make a fool of myself? Am I going to die? What would my parents think?

No answers; just questions. With a deep breath I got out of the car and walked to the house. Nice house with good yard I observed in the back of my mind without notice.

The doorbell rang as all doorbells do. The dogs barked as all dogs do. I stood there waiting, wondering if I was going to make a fool of myself as all fools do.

A rather normal man answered the door and invited me in. We shook hands; John being about 5’10”, clean face with dark brown hair and matching eyes. He must have noticed my nervousness when he asked: “First time Bob?”

“Yeah” I answered, feeling a little foolish. “Curiosity killed the cat and I need to get rid of the dammed cat” trying to sound clever.

“But satisfaction brought it back” responded a man emerging from the kitchen. “I’m Bill and I’m sure that you’ll be more than satisfied” he promised, shaking my hand. “Sit down and relax” and we’ll get to know each other a bit. Bill was a couple of inches shorter with lighter hair and green eyes and I immediately knew he was the leader. He just had that air, that confidence in directing things without controlling as we chatted small talk for a bit.

“Come on, lets get in the pool” Bill said, rising. We all followed, walking out to the patio. The pool wasn’t too large or small, shaded and looked very inviting. I followed their lead, stripping down naked and walking down the steps into the cool inviting water. My balls felt free, floating in the water under my cock. It felt good. I’d never been naked in a pool before, never mind with two guys I’d just met. It was exciting and enjoyable. I watched Bill and John moving around, bumping into each other until John hoisted himself up on a float and laid there, completely naked, exposing himself to everyone who wanted to look. This was even more exciting as I tried not to stare at John’s cock and I felt myself starting to grow.

Bill came up behind John and started playing with his cock. I watched as John’s cock went from limp to rigid in just a short time. My cock was rigid now too. I slowly drifted closer to get a better look; this was much better than any porn flick!

“You wanna play?” Bills words cut through my mind; I had been so fixated on watching Bill playing with John’s cock that I was startled. “Yeah” I mumbled, as Bill pushed John toward me. John’s cock felt different from mine as I wrapped my hand around it. His cock’s head was more angled and his vein stood out. Was his cock head more pink I wondered as I played with it slowly. His balls were hairy and hung down. I picked them up carefully, never having seen men’s balls this close before. This was thrilling!

I was startled again when Bill asked “When’s the last time you got a good blowjob?” “I don’t remember” I replied, not letting go of John’s balls and cock. It felt so good to run my hand up and down the shaft as John just lay there, smiling at me.

“I think he’s ready, John” as Bill climbed out of the pool, displaying his own hard-on. It looked good also and I wondered what that feel like also. “Have a seat, relax, John’s one of the best cock-suckers I’ve ever met” as Bill directed me to a comfortable chair. I heard John following also and nobody was stopping to dry off.

John knelt down in front of my raging hard-on and slowly licked the head. He then proceeded to lick the entire shaft up and down, over and over, moving around my cock. It felt really good as I watched a guy licking my cock while gently cupping my balls. Then, just when I thought he was going to go licking down again, he slid my cock through his lips into his warm, wet mouth. Wow! I knew then I was going to have a major load cum from me. He patiently and slowly slid my cock into his mouth, only stopping when I hit the back of his throat or his lips were at the tip of my cock. He kept doing this over and over and I felt myself building up for a really big orgasm. Then John did something else different; he didn’t stop when my cock hit the back of his throat. He had been moving himself to position his throat to take more of me. The head of my cock slowly entered his throat and I felt his nose pushing into my pubic hair. It was tight, warm and wet and he was moving his adams’ apple. I could feel the head of my cock being massaged in his throat. I moaned, knowing that at any moment I was going to shoot my load. John must have sensed this also as he suddenly began bobbing up and down on my cock quickly rubbing more of the head of my cock on the back of his throat.

And then I came. I didn’t just cum, I exploded my sperm into his mouth in strong spurts over and over as John continued to milk me. My body convulsed as I shot load after load into John’s mouth as he continued his fast bobbing up and down on my cock. John slowed to almost a stop when I stopped spurting, my body still twitching with my now super sensitive cock. His tongue was pushing whatever remained out as my body fell back into the chair. To my amazement, no cum had escaped John’s mouth. My arms and legs had lost their tension and I felt limp all over.

“Fantastic John, fantastic” I stated, wondering how to thank somebody for the most fantastic blowjob I’d ever had in my life. I looked over at Bill, standing there, still watching and knew he had the answer to that question. I realized he had the answer before I’d thought of the question. And boy, did he have the answer!

We all walked into the bedroom, John and Bill with large hard-ons again and me limp-dicked after that blowjob. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get another hard-on this week after John’s fantastic blowjob. My head was still reeling a bit as we climbed on the bed. I lay down between the two of them and, not knowing what to do, I reached over and grabbed both their cocks. Both of them! I couldn’t look at both cocks at the same time and I didn’t want to let go. What was I going to do?

Bill broke the silence with a suggestion; “why don’t you take John’s cock in your mouth and taste it.” Great idea! I rolled over and took the head of John’s cock in my mouth. It tasted great! I was up on hands and knees trying to do to John what he had done to me. I know I scraped his cock with my teeth a couple of times but I grabbed tighter with my lips. I had never done this before and I was loving it. The sliding of John’s cock in and out of my mouth was such a thrill!

And then Bill got involved. He had been playing with my ass and my balls, opening my legs up for better access. It was nice but no big thing. I had felt lotion around my asshole but didn’t think about it because I was enjoying giving John a blowjob, my first blowjob, and I was trying to do it right for John to repay him for such a fantastic blowjob he gave me.

Bill stuck his finger in my ass. Not fast, he just slid his finger past my asshole and I could feel it. I instinctively tensed up but was afraid of hurting John’s cock than anything else. I started swirling my tongue around the cock head while I paid attention to what Bill was doing to my ass. He was moving it in and out and it felt good. I relaxed and returned my attention to John’s cock.

But Bill wasn’t done. He pulled his finger out, making sure my asshole was well lubed and started pushing against my asshole again. I tried relaxing thinking it was another finger or thumb when something bigger entered my ass. “What’s that?” “Just a vibrator” Bill answered, sliding it into my ass. “Loosen up, it might hurt a little for a couple of minutes” he commanded and I did, not knowing if I’d shit all over his bed. It did hurt as it went further up my ass. I had never had anything in my ass before and, if I wasn’t giving John a blowjob, would have had Bill stop. Bill slid it almost out and then slowly slid it back in. It didn’t hurt as much this time and I tried to loosen up some more. The more he did it, the less it hurt. It was actually pretty good. And then he turned the vibrator on. My internals were vibrating, my balls were shaking and my cock was bouncing up and down. This was different and I wasn’t sure about it until I realized my cock was hard as a rock! Where did this hard-on come from. “Ok” I thought, “I can handle this.” And I relaxed some more as Bill continued sliding the vibrator in and out of my ass. It was really neat giving John a blowjob while Bill was sliding the vibrator in and out of my ass, tickling my asshole.

But Bill wasn’t done just yet. He slowly withdrew the vibrator after turning it off and I felt him moving around behind me. I then felt something else pushing against my asshole. At first I thought it was the vibrator again but it was softer with a bigger head. He slid it into my ass until I suddenly felt him leaning against my ass. Bill had stuck his cock up my ass! He pulled my hips toward him and I could tell he was inside me all the way, as deep as he could get his cock up my ass.

And then he started. He started sliding his cock in and out of my ass slowly. It felt good but I knew I needed to take care of John so once again I turned my attention to giving John the best blowjob I could and letting Bill fuck my ass. I knew I had a huge erection and I was getting fucked in my ass while giving a blowjob. This was great.

Now John began to moan. Once again, I turned my entire attention to giving John the best blowjob possible and let Bill do whatever he wanted. Bill was picking up speed and so was I. I could feel John’s balls starting to rise and I knew I was doing it right. And so I kept on bobbing up and down on John’s cock, trying to make him cum while letting Bill have his way with my ass.

And then John tensed up and started cumming. I tried to duplicate what John had done to me but lost track. I realized my mouth was filled with cum and it tasted different from anything I had ever tasted before. I almost threw up but forced myself not to. What do I do with a mouth full of cum while I’m getting fucked in my ass? I realized there was only one option right now: swallow. And swallow I did, trying not to focus on the taste while Bill kept fucking my ass.

Now I just laid my head down on John and allowed myself to experience getting fucked in my ass. It was actually pretty good. Bill was speeding up and I could feel his balls banging against my balls. It was good. My erection had subsided a little and I just listened to and felt Bill as he fucked my ass. Bill was speeding up and breathing deeper and shoving his cock up my ass as far as possible.

And then it happened. Bill gave out a loud groan and banged into my ass as deep as he could. I could then feel the warm spread of cum inside me as he shot his loads. This was a good feeling and I wanted to do it again.

We all collapsed on the bed and laid there quietly for a few minutes. I thought it was all over until I felt John’s hand stroking my cock. My cock responded quickly to his touch. He then started lubing my cock which was a really good feeling. I thought I was going to get a hand-job until John crawled up on me and guided my cock up his ass. He then proceeded to buck up and down on my cock with his cock and balls flopping around. I was breathing heavier when John looked me in the eyes. “Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can. Fuck me as deep as you can get. Fuck me good!” I moved behind him and slid my cock up his ass and proceeded to fuck him as hard as I could bang against his ass as fast as I could. The head of my cock was sliding against his internals and it felt good. I didn’t want to stop by cumming but in a few minutes I had to. I shot again and again into his ass as deep as I could. We both collapsed on the bed again, and I felt all fucked out.

I thought it was over and started to doze off until John moved my hand to his cock. His erection had returned and he knew what he wanted to do with it. I lubed him up and placed some lube inside my asshole and got down on all fours. This time I didn’t tense up and soon he was sliding his cock in and out of my ass. It felt good. I felt a sense of pleasure that I was able to please the man who had given me the most fantastic blowjob of my life. And he kept fucking me for what seemed like forever and then blasted a big load of cum in my ass. I felt that warm feeling again deep in my ass and had to admit to myself that I really enjoyed getting fucked.

We both collapsed on the bed again. As I was laying there, looking at Bill who was starting to dose off, I wondered if he had any left for my ass.

He sure did!