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The Traveler - Part 1

2022-08-11 00:00:04

The Traveler
by Droid447

Day one: Afternoon

Police Captain Daniel Vega was driving through his old neighborhood. Some gang members were gathering in the alleys, smoking pot and drinking in plain view. It was only 5:30 pm.

How has it come to this? he thought.

Not many years ago, this had been a safe place to walk around. Now, anybody that passed through these streets, even in the middle of the day, was at risk of getting robbed or hurt by someone else. Only the gang members were safe as they relied on each other to stay alive. That was, of course, if there wasn’t a gang fight which always seemed to end with one or two dead guys.

Vega’s cell phone started vibrating in his jacket pocket, “Yes, Mike,” he answered.

“Captain, I’m at the scene of the multiple homicide reported in Third Street… I think you should come over,” Mike said.

“I can’t go right now. I’ve been getting home pretty late these last few days and my wife will kick my ass if I do it one more time. Can’t you handle it yourself?”

“I really think you have to see this, Captain,” Mike responded with a strange tone of voice.

Damned! Vega thought. “Ok, I’m on my way,” he finally said.

When Vega arrived at the scene, he saw one uniformed officer throwing up in a trashcan at the side of an old house. The TV stations hadn’t arrived yet but they wouldn’t take long. There were several police patrols parked outside the house.

Cap. Vega entered the house and it became pretty obvious that it had been a gathering place for drug addicts. There were syringes and other drug related devices spread around on the floor. He crossed the main hallway and when he reached the living room he could not believe his eyes. Six bodies were lying around; five men and one woman. Many bullet holes covered the walls and ceiling and there was blood everywhere. The bodies were severely damaged. One of them had been decapitated. Another one was missing an arm. It didn’t look like they were ripped apart; it looked more as if they were cut up by some sharp blade like a knife or sword. The woman’s body was almost untouched, except of course for the three bullet holes in her chest. It seemed like she was unarmed and caught in crossfire as she tried to reach the hallway. There were AK-47 rifles near the bodies and two pistols still in the dead guys’ hands.

“Talk to me, Mike,” the Captain said.

“We can’t find the head,” Mike responded, visibly shaken up by the gory scene.

“What?” Vega said.

“That guy’s head is missing, Captain. They took it! …I really have no idea what happened here. I can’t see any bullet entries in the bodies, except for the girl. I’d like to say this was drug related... a territorial fight between gangs, but I have never seen a gang that used knives instead of guns for a fight, much less when the opposite group is heavily armed like this one. I’m honestly clueless right now. And why in the hell did they take the head?!”

“Ok, calm down Mike, let’s wait for the CSI guys and see what they can find out,” Vega said.

As he left the room, he almost stumbled over the dead woman and he couldn’t avoid looking at her pale face and glassy blue eyes. She had clearly been a junkie but despite it all, she was a pretty girl. What a waste!, he thought coldly.

Day two: Morning

The following day, Captain Vega was talking in his office with Sgt. Goodman, the CSI lead man.

“I have never seen anything like this,” Goodman said. “There is not a single indication that someone else was in that room. Whoever killed those people was pretty meticulous about cleaning his tracks.”

“What else have you got?” Vega said harshly.

“We have identified the bodies, including the headless guy. He’s a gang leader known as Billy ‘The Butcher’. Do you know him?”

“Yeah,” Vega answered, “He’s been a pain in the ass for years. He is… well, he was a dangerous guy. His leadership was entirely based on fear. What else did you find out?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure that there was another woman in the room that day. We found a spot of female urine in one corner of the living room, and it doesn’t belong to the dead woman. The shooting must have scared the hell out her. We also found a picture of the dead girl with another woman. She may be the one present at the moment of the killings,” Goodman said.

“Good job. We may have a witness now. Let’s find this girl,” Vega said calmly.

* * *

Across town, a blonde girl was lying on a dusty floor inside a completely dark room. She could not remember anything after the shooting until she woke up in darkness. The sound of trucks in the distance indicated that she was still in the city. Her voice had faded a little since she had been screaming for help for a long while. Her hands were shaking, both from fear and drugs withdrawal. It had been several hours since she last ate or drank anything, and worst of all, she hadn’t had her usual hit of heroin. She felt desperate and hungry.

There was a sound in front of her and suddenly a door high up on the wall in front of her opened. Bright light poured into the room, blinding her blue eyes for a moment. She realized that she was in some sort of basement and the door that just opened was at the top of a wooden stairway. She could discern a figure walking though the door. It was a large man… or was it? She could only distinguish a wide bulk moving in a strange way into the room. Then, everything went dark again as the door was closed.

The girl could hear heavy footsteps walking down the stairs. Her chest was heaving with panicked breathing. There was a weird smell in the room. Like humidity or mud. The footsteps approached her.

She screamed in panic, “Nooo!!! Get away from me!!”

The blonde felt something cold touching her hand, like glass. She moved it away but not before a few drops of water fell on her fingers. She was so thirsty. She carefully smelled and then licked her hand, realizing that it was fresh water. She searched with shaking hands around her and found the glass again. She grabbed it, but it was held firmly by the man. She accidentally touched the man’s fingers and they felt cold. She pulled harder and the glass was released. She drank the water desperately, finishing it in a matter of seconds. She put the glass on the floor and then listened carefully. Not a sound. She knew the man was very close to her.

She asked with trembling voice, “Who are you? What do you want from me?”

In response, she felt a strong hand grabbing her right wrist, then her left wrist and she was forced to stand up brusquely. Her hands were pinned high above her head against the wall behind her, but her feet were still on the ground. She could hear his breathing near her face.

She was terrified. “No, please… let me go!” she pleaded.

Then a strong hand ripped off her blouse and bra from her body, leaving her naked from the waist up and exposing her firm, rounded breasts. She was grateful that the room was in darkness and he couldn’t see her. The cool air enveloped her delicate nipples as the girl started crying quietly, knowing that she was going to be raped.

The woman shuddered when she felt his hand touch her flat belly. His skin was roughed. It moved upward, until he reached her breasts and she gasped. He started massaging them, squeezing and distorting their natural shapeliness. His fingers moved to stimulate her nipples, twisting and pulling, tweaking harder, abusing her.

Much to her disgust, she felt her nipples react to the rough handling. She mentally recoiled from each touch, yet each touch felt less disgusting than the previous one. Already her firm nipples were swelling larger, almost painful, as he fondled insistently. She hated herself as the little bud of her clitoris stood proud, seemingly peeking from between her pink cunt lips.

Gasping, she felt a tongue slide around, circling her left breast. Then, she realized that something was wrong. The wet limb was too large. She felt it almost all around her tit, squeezing it. Despite this, the blonde’s nipples swelled more than she thought possible, hard and fully erect. Then, without losing its merciless rhythm for an instant, the tip of that weird tongue lashed lightly over her aching nub. Her body betrayed her as her back arched by reflex, thrusting her chest forward against the slick, tormenting tool.

While her left breast continued to receive attention from his hand, his tongue moved to her right tit, circling it, squeezing and pulling. The feeling of both her nipples being manipulated at once excited her even more, her mind blanking out briefly with the intensity of sensations. She couldn’t believe she was getting excited by this, by being rape.

He released her hands as he continued licking her. Her arms fell slowly to her sides. She didn’t know what to do. Her brain ordered her to push him away but her body refused to obey. At that moment, he pulled back, leaving the girl standing helpless against the wall. She was confused. The cool air circled her wet nipples and kept them hard as rocks.

Then, with one sudden move, he ripped off her skirt and then her panties flew away too. She sighed loudly but stood still. The darkness in the basement sheltered her slim body. The slender hips, her flat belly, glistening now with sweat, leading to her scarce blonde pubic hair that did little to hide her pouting pussy lips.

Next, the woman felt his hands grab her hips and push her back against the wall. The cold wall rubbed against her buttocks. The long tongue extended again, sliding over her inner thighs and moving slowly but purposefully upwards. She could picture the man kneeling in front of her with his head between her legs.

Avoiding her moist slit for the moment, his tongue slithered across her pubic mound, tickling her lower abdomen before retreating downwards, straight down the center of her pussy, pressing lightly over her erect clit. She gasped. Then it moved down until it almost lost contact, then back up, pressing stronger now, easily spreading her nether lips and sliding between. The tongue rubbed the entire length of her pussy, to flicker over her now fully exposed clitoris, almost frictionless between its own slime and the blonde's copious juices. It moved back and forth, stimulating her until she was more than confused as conflicting emotions crammed her brain.

The tongue slid away from her vagina and she was dimly aware of the man rising in front of her, his broad chest almost caressing her tits, strong hands gripping her waist and fingers digging into the soft cheeks of her ass. The blonde felt something huge pushing at the tight entrance to her pussy. Visions of a huge member invaded her brain.

She screamed in helpless fear, “No, please, ple….”

Pushing insistently, the big phallus forced her pussy lips apart until, inch by inch, it penetrated into the depths of her vaginal cavity. Stretching her inner walls wider than ever before, she felt it moving slowly, pushing right into the very center of her body and stopping only when it reached her cervix.

Despite the horror that dominated her mind, the girl started to lose control of herself, her eyes fluttering and her mouth gasping to cope with the overpowering feelings.

The man took the opportunity to slide his tongue between her full red lips. She felt it slipping down her throat and beyond. She almost gagged but the feeling in her pussy faded out everything else. She was getting close to an orgasm… an unwanted orgasm. Her mind was torn between hatred and lust, wanting it to stop, wanting it to go on forever.

The huge phallus moved faster within her, buried almost to the hilt every time, thrusting into her tight pussy without mercy. Unbearable pleasure shot again and again through her entire body, joy and pain inextricably mixed together in one indescribable feeling. Her legs were shaking, threatening to cave and let her fall to the floor.

But that would never happen, even if she lifted her feet from the ground, she would remain there, pinned to the wall by his huge shaft. Cock pumping and mouth gasping in perfect rhythm. Every hard stroke almost lifted her in the air, just to recede and come back again with equal force.

“Ahhh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhhhhh, aaaghhhhh, Aaannngggghhhh…”

A tremendous orgasm crashed through the beautiful girl as she completely lost control, writhing helplessly in the bonds of his hands and his hard cock that held her erect. Incoherent sounds tumbling from her gaping mouth partially muffled as the alien tongue slipped deeper inside.

Her cunt contracted hard several times, clasping down on his member.

* * *

A pleasing thought formed in the intruder’s brain, This species is so easy to manipulate… much better than the previous one. But this is not a good time for impregnation… yet.

* * *

Her legs were shaking uncontrollably beneath her as her orgasm slowly faded away. Her body relaxed little by little while he pulled his cock out of her slick cavity. He released her and the feeble woman slid to the floor, landing on her rounded buttocks.

His still erect cock was just inches away from the woman's face. She was unaware of this because of the total absence of light but the man could see everything perfectly. He aligned his dick to her mouth and moved forward.

The blonde felt the large phallus poking at her lips and she didn’t understand what was going on. The overwhelming orgasm was still lingering in her brain and she couldn’t think straight. He pushed harder and she was forced to open her mouth, allowing access to his fat cock. The blonde opened her eyes wide when her brain finally processed what was happening and she tried to move her head away from his dick.

Immediately he grabbed her head and kept her firmly in place, then he started to move slowly in and out of her oral cavity. Some sort of creamy substance was leaking from the tip of the phallus. The taste was sweet. She liked it. As more of the fluid spilled inside, she started to swallow. She was so hungry. The blonde began to suck eagerly, trying to get more of it.

He concurred with her efforts and started to fuck her face harder and faster. The man smashed the back of her throat with every thrust but it was evident that she didn’t care. A few minutes later, he felt his balls tingle and he slowed down a little. The blonde was grabbing his dick with both hands and was massaging him as if he was a long time lover.

Finally, he climaxed! He blasted a huge amount of semen into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. As much as she tried to swallow, more sperm was pumped in. The creamy substance began to leak in great quantities from the corners of her stretched lips. It kept spilling down her naked breasts, stomach, pussy, creating a puddle on the floor beneath her legs.

At last, he withdrew, creating a momentary strand of cum hanging from the tip of his cock to her lower lip. Then he turned away and walked up the stairs, leaving the girl kneeling on the floor, leaning back against the wall.

The blonde followed the noise of his footsteps as he moved up. He reached the top of the stairway and opened the door. When the light rushed inside, she was able to see a little more of the man that had just ravished her.

It startled her. He was very tall and muscular and he was wearing some sort of gray suit that covered his entire body. Even his hands were covered with gray gloves that ended with long, sharp claws.

He closed the door leaving the girl surrounded by total darkness again. Her chin, her breasts and thighs were covered with cum. At least she wasn’t hungry anymore. Strangely, she felt no need to satisfy her addiction to heroin either. Her body was calmed and fulfilled but not her mind. She thought about her precarious situation and started to cry.

* * *

Back at police headquarters, Sergeant Goodman was leaving the Captain’s office. A tall man stood just outside the door. Vega saw him with apathy. The man was wearing a black loose-fitting jacket, jeans and mountain boots. “Can I help you?” the Captain asked.

“Yes… I think so,” the man said as he walked into the office.

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” Vega asked.

“I just asked where your office was and they told me,” the man said.

“Shit! Some security we have here... This is a restricted area.”

“I’m not sure if you’re the person I have to see,” the man interrupted.

“Why are you here Mr.…?” Vega asked patiently, looking down at the papers on his desk.

“I have some information about the murders on Third Street,” the man said.

This sentence captured Vega’s attention and he turned his head to the man, looking at him intently. “What kind of information?” he asked.

“I have a pretty good idea of who killed those people,” the man said.

“You haven’t told me your name,” Vega said.

“Kurt. You can call me Kurt,” he responded. He’d seen the name on a nametag over one of the desks on his way in.

“Ok, Kurt. Tell me who killed those men and how you got that information.”

“Can we go to a more private place?” Kurt said looking at the windows all around the office. The Captain thought about it for a moment and said, “Ok. Follow me”.

Both men walked down the hall toward one of the interrogation rooms. The first one was busy so they moved on to the next. As they walked beside the window in the first room, they saw a young woman interrogating a crying teenager. The teen's clothes were torn and dirty and she was describing some painful events to the woman. Kurt stopped at the window and observed them for a moment.

“Are you coming?” Vega asked looking back.

“That young girl is lying,” Kurt said.

Vega walked back and looked through the window too. Officer Karen O’Malley was consoling the sobbing teen. “Oh, yeah? How do you know that?” Vega asked.

“The mind may not always tell the truth, but the body never lies,” Kurt answered.

Vega grabbed Kurt’s arm and said, “Come on, let’s go”.

Sergeant Jameson was coming out of her office in front of the interrogation rooms and passed by Vega and Kurt. The beautiful brunette displayed a discreet smile, leaving behind a trail of her perfume. Kurt stopped abruptly. That scent was instantly recognizable. He looked back at the woman as Vega pulled his arm, urging him to walk into the private room.

“OK, talk to me Kurt, what do you know about the killings?” Vega asked.

“This case is nothing like you have ever seen before. I am sure that it will change your life forever,” Kurt said.

The Captain was intrigued by the man’s words, but wondered what the hell he was talking about. “How is that?” he asked trying to remain tolerant.

“Answer me this, Captain. Do you believe it’s possible that there’s intelligent life outside this planet?”

Captain Vega was getting upset now. He couldn’t believe he was wasting his time with this idiot. “What does that have to do with anything?” he asked impatiently.

At that moment, Sergeant Jameson opened the door and asked “Captain, are you busy?”

Vega considered finishing the interview with Kurt ‘the crazy man’ and attend to the attractive Sergeant, but then he had an idea. This was a good opportunity to have a break from the day’s tensions and have some fun with the situation; share a good time with his friend Claudia and this harmless lunatic.

“Claudia! Come in! I think this might be interesting for you,” Vega said to his partner.

The elegant woman walked in and approached the table were the men where sitting. “What is it?” she asked puzzled.

“This is Kurt” the Captain said, “and he says that he knows who’s responsible for the multiple homicide in Third Street, but he has a question for us first,” Vega told his partner.

Kurt immediately knew that the Captain was trying to make fun of him and he decided to play along. He had to contact that gorgeous woman anyway so this was convenient for him.

“What’s the question?” Claudia asked Kurt, sizing him up from head to toe. Hmm, not bad, she thought.

“Well, I was asking your Captain, if you believe it’s possible that there’s intelligent life outside this planet,” Kurt said with a serious expression.

Claudia looked at him for a moment and then looked back at Vega. When their eyes met, she had to use all her power to avoid bursting out in laughter.

“How is this subject related to the killings, Mr. Kurt?” Vega asked again.

“We’ll get to that. First answer the question,” Kurt answered.

“Ok,” Claudia said, intrigued by the handsome man, “I think there is the possibility of life somewhere in the universe, but I guess we will never get to see it. At least not in our lifetime.”

“I agree with her,” Vega added “I think there might be life out there but not close to earth and certainly not intelligent,” Vega confirmed.

“Why not?” Kurt asked.

“Its only logic,” Vega said, trying to ascertain his opinion. “On this planet, we have millions of different life forms and only one is intelligent. Thinking that this will happen again is ridiculous,” he said convincingly.

“That’s a good point,” Kurt said “But why don’t you look at it this way: you know only one planet containing life on it, and this single planet has intelligent life. So, as far as you know for every planet with life there is one intelligent species. The odds are pretty good, don’t you think?”

Captain Vega though about it for a moment and said, “Ok. That’s a good point too”.

Then, Claudia asked, “Wait a moment. You said, ‘you know only one planet’, don’t you mean ‘we know’?”

“Umm…sorry, I meant ‘we’,” Kurt answered.

“Ok. I think we’ve answered your question. Now, are you going to tell us about the killings or are you just wasting our time?” Vega asked, getting irritated.

Kurt looked at Claudia and Vega for a moment and then stood up, walked towards the two-way mirror on the wall and closed the plastic curtain. The officers looked at each other and Vega unclipped his gun, just in case.

Kurt pulled from his pocket a small square device similar to a cellphone, about two inches from side to side, and placed it over the table. It was completely black with silver edges. He grabbed two opposite edges and pulled. The pad stretched to one foot long. Then he grabbed to other two edges and did the same. The pad was now one square foot in size and the black surface looked very strange. It reflected nothing. Absolutely nothing. It looked like a hole in the table where light was not allowed.

“What the hell is this?” Vega asked.

“Do you want to see who killed the gang members?”

Without waiting for an answer, Kurt said something in a weird language. A tri-dimensional image appeared just above the black pad. Vega and Claudia jumped off their chairs in surprise. The image displayed a figure; some sort of animal. Or was it a man disguised as an animal? It was hard to say. The figure was nothing that Claudia or Vega had ever seen before. Both officers were speechless and their eyes were opened wide in amazement. The image was slowly rotating, allowing the viewers to appreciate every detail of the creature.

Claudia was looking at the image, then at Vega, then at Kurt and back at the image. She couldn't believe her eyes. She knew that this kind of technology didn’t exist yet, and even if it did, it could only be possible in a room full of computers, lasers and who knows what else.

Captain Vega was looking intently at the image marveling at the clarity and definition. It looked like a real figure moving right there over the table.

“Can we talk more seriously now? I think this is going to take a while,” Kurt interrupted Vega’s staring.

The three of them sat down again and Kurt started talking. “You have had the misfortune of being visited by a …well; you don’t have a name for it, but let’s call it an aggressive alien species. I know it’s difficult for you to assimilate the idea of real aliens but you will have to make an effort to process this knowledge fast. That thing will keep killing whenever it wants if we don’t stop him. And even worse, it will begin to reproduce itself in a matter of weeks and then, the catastrophe may be unstoppable.”

Claudia’s head was spinning. This was confusing even for an intelligent and educated woman like her. The Captain was in the same situation. He tried to ask questions but the words cluttered in his brain. The alien’s image was still rotating on the desk and it alone confirmed that Kurt might be telling the truth.

Then, Kurt continued “This life form, I mean, the alien, was created artificially thousands of years ago for combat purposes by an inexperienced civilization. As usual, they screwed up and now this dangerous species has scattered in this galaxy. One of them reached this planet and I am here to help you get rid of it”.

At this moment, Claudia blinked realizing something “Wait, does this mean that you are not from this planet, either?” she asked, starting to doubt again everything he said.

“Yes,” he responded briefly.

Vega and Claudia looked at each other and then Vega said, “Look buddy, I don’t know how you pulled out this trick with the image here, but do you expect us to believe that you come from another planet?”

This time, the question from the captain came more like a dare to see more proof than anything else. He also knew that the technology presented to him was not possible on earth and he had no intention of leaving the room just yet.

Kurt reached inside his jacked sleeve and a beep sounded in the room. Kurt’s body started to look fuzzy and then, it was gone. Claudia’s mouth was opened wide and her heart was beating like a marching band. Vega jumped out of his chair again

“What the….!” was all he managed to say.

“I’m still here,” Kurt said. His voice came exactly from the place he was standing before he disappeared. “I’m just projecting an image of the background around my body so you can’t see me.”

This was enough to convince both Claudia and Vega of the veracity of Kurt’s story and they spent the following hours taking nonstop. They had millions of questions but Kurt refused to answer most of them, except the ones concerning the alien’s capture.

“We will talk later about those other subjects,” was all he said.

Day two: Night

It was almost 11:00 pm and after a long visit to the killing site, Kurt said, “It’s getting late and I think that’s enough for today. We’ll start the search tomorrow.”

“Where are you going? Do you think that we’ll let you go just like that?” Cap. Vega said defiantly.

“Do you really think you can stop me?” Kurt said with a serious tone, and then he added, “I have something important to do tonight. We will continue tomorrow.”

Vega thought about it for a moment and he understood Kurt was right. Anyway, there was no reason why he shouldn’t show up tomorrow to begin the search as they had agreed.

* * *

At that same moment but on the other side of the city, the alien was looking down at the street from a seventh-floor ledge. A few guys were walking by, laughing and talking animatedly. The alien enhanced the audio on his helmet so he could clearly hear what they were saying. An instant translation device indicated that they represented no threat. He turned back to the open window in front of him. The room was dark but there was no doubt that his objective was laying inside. He had studied the situation carefully.

The female was alone in the large apartment and there was not much activity in the rest of the building. The alien jumped in and approached the bed. A beautiful young woman was peacefully sleeping. It was a hot night and she was wearing her tiny panties and nothing else. The alien noted that she was kind of small but she would do well and this place was perfect for his plans.

A soft gasp escaped the sleeping female’s mouth as he began to probe the delicate skin of her inner thighs with his long tongue. It slid further up, past her pussy lips and caressed her flat belly. The alien confirmed that the female was suitable. She moved her body slightly, perhaps incorporating those nice feelings into her dream.

She was being expertly handled by the alien. He ran his clawed hands over her breasts. His hard fingers cupped and mounded her tits, dragging on her nipples.

Oh God… This feels so good… she thought, half awake, half sleep.

A wet tongue circled her left nipple, then the other. The sensation was too real. Suddenly she realized that she was not dreaming anymore. Someone was really touching her! She opened her eyes in panic, seeing a shadow beside her. Before she could scream, a big hand covered her mouth. The young woman was in terror trying to jump away but the alien’s firm grasp kept her in place.

Feeling firmly pinned down on the bed, she reached out desperately and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. She was able to see the intruder. Her heart almost stopped when she saw the creature that was attacking her. It had the shape of a man but his chest was much broader. Its skin was thick and gray colored. The alien was not wearing any kind of clothes but there were a lot of electronic gadgets attached to its arms and thighs. He was also wearing a black helmet that seemed to protect a strange head, shaped like the head of a mantis. The helmet had a hole in the front for the probing tongue. The girl was trying to kick him or push him away.

The alien analyzed the situation. This female was a little smaller than the one in the basement and he knew she represented no danger, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He brought his hand up near her head and a small needle emerged from a metal box wrapped around his wrist. The alien spiked the woman’s neck and in a matter of seconds she stopped fighting. Her arms and legs went limp and her face changed from panic to serenity.

He released his hold on the girl. Next, he dragged and positioned her body sideways on the bed with her legs hanging from the side and her ass resting on the edge of the mattress. He grabbed her panties and yanked them away. Then, he removed his flexible helmet that fitted his head like a second skin.

The girl looked up at him with drugged eyes. She was conscious but her brain wasn’t able to complete any coherent thought. Her pink nipples were fully erect. The drug flowing in her veins was doing more than calming her down. She was lying naked on her bed, her pussy fully exposed to a strange beast, and she was feeling horny. She couldn’t understand it, but at the moment she couldn’t care less.

The alien moved his fingers expertly over her small right breast. Her breathing became ragged and she arched her back to meet his cold hand. Meanwhile, the alien retracted his claws and slid a finger between her cunt lips and into her already damp vagina. She gasped loudly at the feeling of his rough finger breaking in.


Her clitoris was being expertly manipulated by the creature’s thumb while two fingers pressed against the entrance to her pussy. They slipped inside easily and explored her inner walls before sliding almost all the way out again. As they slid back in, her cavity stretched to accommodate three fingers. The alien set up a regular motion, fingers probing deep while his thumb banged softly against the distended clit. One finger pulled out of her pussy and curled beneath, pressing over her anus.

The young woman was getting hotter by the second. She almost forgot that she was being raped while the creature skillfully manipulated her. Knowledgeable fingers worked faster, harder, increasing the lubrication within her tight vaginal walls, preparing her for the next step. The finger pressing over her anus curled more and slipped just inside. It was enough to bring her first orgasm.

“Aaarrggmmmphhhhh,” while she came hard and uncontrollably, most of the noise was muted by the alien’s tongue that probed the girl’s mouth. Her vaginal muscles clasped his fingers as the spasms rippled through her body. The alien sensed this and reasoned that she was ready.

The woman’s pussy was on fire. Sex juice poured down her slit to the crack of her ass. The alien aligned his hard cock, pressing the tip against her tight opening. He was eager to see the tiny hole widen as his fat member pushed the pink flesh aside.

Almost effortlessly, her cavity yielded, adapting quickly to the unusual size of the intruder. She instinctively spread her legs wider apart; such was her state of arousal.

Moments later, the alien was buried several inches deep, banging against her cervix. He moved his rod in and out a few times with accompanying gasps and moans of pleasure from the girl until feeling confident enough to attempt the ultimate insertion. This was going to be hard on the fragile female and he had to be gentle if she was to remain completely undamaged to accomplish her purpose. He positioned his cock deep inside her, resting against her cervix and then pushed hard. His dick went completely out of view, hidden in her slim body, well inside her womb and eliciting a loud groan from the female.

The girl stiffened all the muscles in her body as she felt the big phallus burying deep within her belly. It was amazing how far it went before it hit bottom. The monster slowly slid the fat cock in and out a few times, sending jolts of pleasure to the girl’s brain. He started pumping her with a rhythm which was soon followed by the woman’s hips thrusting in the opposite direction. Every time he slammed his weight against the young woman, her clit was smashed between both bodies increasing the incredible sensation. It only took a few minutes for the girl to reach another climax.

“Ahhhnnggghhhhh,” she shook spasmodically beneath his bulk in the throes of her powerful orgasm, her body twisting and thrashing frenziedly, impaled by the thick gray invader.

This was ignored by the beast, which just kept pumping relentlessly aiming for his own release. The exhausted girl welcomed his effort with short gasps as her breasts bounced freely back and forth. Finally, his balls reached the limit and the alien exploded inside the girl’s womb. The first ejaculation filled the tight cavity completely. The woman felt a warm liquid churn and disperse inside her belly. The second burst almost made the girl’s abdomen swell as it flooded her even more.

The fluid moved down her insides, looking for the only way out. When the third load was discharged, the semen was already leaking from the girl’s stretched pussy, accumulating on the bed-sheets.

His balls drained completely after a few more shots and he dislodged his cock from her.

At the feeling of the huge phallus sliding out, almost from her chest all the way to her pussy, the abused woman was thrown into a last sudden orgasm, wildly twitching and loosing control of her body one more time. Then, she fell unconscious. He left the girl laying on her bed with her pussy still leaking gobs of semen.

The alien jumped out the window. It was time to find a different kind of action.

* * *

On the other side of town, Claudia, Vega and Kurt were leaving the killing site around 11:00 pm, Claudia was getting in her car.

“Sergeant Jameson!” Kurt called her from behind,

Claudia was in the same mental state as Captain Vega, still trying to digest all the shocking information she had just received. She was unaware that this was nothing compared to what was coming for her.

“Kurt! What is it?” her heart started beating fast from nervousness and excitement when she realized that she was alone for the first time with him, a good looking guy… from another planet!

“I need to talk to you about something very important,” he said.

“You mean more important than the fact that aliens exist and they are killing people on our planet?” she asked tensely. He just smiled.

“In fact, it is more important for you,” he responded. She just stared back at him.

“You have a daughter, don’t you?” Kurt asked. Claudia was caught off guard by the question.

“Yes… how do you know that?” she replied.

“How old is she?” he asked.

“Why? How do you know I have a daughter?” she insisted but he just looked back at her waiting for an answer, “Ok. She has just turned 18. Please, tell me why you ask?”

“Is she sick?” he asked back.

Her eyes opened wide. Her daughter was really sick. Then she thought excitedly He has very advanced technology! Maybe he can cure her!

“Yes! She is very sick! Can you help her?” she asked.

“Maybe… what’s her name?”

“Her name is Faith,” she answered.

Claudia explained that her daughter had been a very healthy girl since she was born. She had never caught even a mild cold. But lately, she slowly started to lose her strength and all she ate was nauseating for her, sometimes causing vomiting. She was so weak now that she could not even get out of bed. The doctors had made a million tests and had no idea what was wrong with her. Claudia was so angry with them that she took Faith out of the hospital and moved her back home, hiring a full-time nurse.

“Take me to her,” Kurt said as he jumped in the passenger seat without asking for permission.

“How do you know I have a daughter and how do you know she is sick?” Claudia asked as she started driving towards her home.

“I’ll tell you, but first you have to tell me who is her father?” he asked back.

Claudia blushed and remained silent for a moment; then she started talking, “I was finishing high school and there was a big graduation party for all of us. The party turned out to be a little wilder than I thought and I ended up in bed with some guy, who I never saw again by the way. I got pregnant with Faith that night.”

“I knew you had a daughter because of your scent,” he said.

“What!? What do you mean?” she asked puzzled.

“Don’t get me wrong, your smell is exquisite. But there is a quality in it that indicates that you have been impregnated by one of us,” he explained.

Claudia was hitting the breaks and pulling off the road as she looked at him startled. “What!! Do you mean that I… that Faith…”

“Yes. The guy that got you pregnant 18 years ago was an alien, like me. Faith is a very special young lady and let me tell you right now that her life is not in danger,” Kurt said.

Claudia’s heart was beating hard and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Then, she burst into tears. Kurt leaned over to comfort her and suddenly she turned and held him tightly.

“Thank you…thank you… my baby is going to be ok!” she said with trembling voice.

Her delicious perfume filled his lungs and Kurt felt the urge to strip her and ravish her right there, but he controlled himself. He had to wait.

She drove back to the freeway as he explained further, “Faith’s body had been dormant during her childhood, waiting until her instinct signaled that she was ready for her transformation.”

“Transformation?” Claudia asked.

“Yes. But don’t worry; she will look exactly the same. She will only change inside. She will become a Queen breeder,” he said.

“A what?” Claudia was now truly confused.

“From now on, she will depend completely on beings like me for her survival. She will be fed and protected by one of us for many years to come.” Kurt said.

“What do you mean by Queen breeder?” Claudia asked.

“A Queen is born in four stages. Faith is the first. She will have a daughter and then her daughter will have another daughter and finally, a pure and unpolluted Queen will be born. I am sure there is already a higher entity waiting for the Queen’s arrival. But that won’t happen for many years, obviously. Of course, one year of your species is like a second for them.”

Claudia’s brain was spinning. This was way too much for her mind to process at once.

* * *

They arrived at Claudia’s house in the suburbs. Claudia went straight to her daughter’s room, followed close behind by Kurt. Rebecca, the nurse, was sleeping in a small bed next to Faith’s larger one. Claudia gently woke the nurse.

“Hi, Becky. Sorry I am so late. How is she?” Claudia asked.

“Oh, hi… she’s the same, she was able to eat some soup today,” the nurse answered and looked at Kurt standing at the door.

“He is a friend… a doctor… kind of,” Claudia poorly explained, then turned to Kurt and asked, “So, what should we do?”

Kurt stepped forward and looked at Faith. The teen was sleep but it was obvious that she resembled her mother a lot. She looked a little thin from her recent illness but she had a very sexy body outlined by the thin t-shirt she was wearing.

Realizing that Rebecca was going to be there full-time, Kurt suggested that they should explain the situation to her.

A few minutes later, the young nurse was clinging to Claudia’s arm and staring at Kurt, still perplexed by the notion of the existence of aliens. She was young, 22 years old, and open-minded so it didn’t take long to convince her that it was not a joke.

“The first thing I should do is provide Faith with fluids,” Kurt said.

“I gave her water a while ago,” Beck said.

“No, I mean alien fluids. Mine,” Kurt added.

Claudia heard this and didn’t like the sound of it. “How do you do this?” she asked apprehensively.

“The same way your species do. Body contact.” he answered.

Rebecca’s eyes opened wide. Claudia’s face turned white, then red. “No way your are going to touch my daughter!” she yelled.

“This is the only way,” Kurt said calmly, then added, “There is no other option. Faith is being monitored regularly by them,” he said pointing to the sky, “Soon they will know that she is ready and if I don’t do this, somebody else will. They’ll take her away from you.”

Claudia looked desperate and began doubting the whole thing again. This couldn’t be happening.

Then, Kurt said firmly “I’ll be glad to help you Claudia but I don’t have to do this. If you don’t consent, I’ll leave now. You know the consequences”.

Claudia was looking at Faith with tears in her eyes. When, Kurt turned toward to door she grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t! Please don’t leave”.

He understood the emotions conflicting her brain and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving, I’ll just wait in the living room”.

Sitting on the large couch, Kurt heard Claudia and Rebecca whispering in Faith’s room. They talked for almost an hour and they had no idea that Kurt could hear everything they said. Finally Claudia decided to go for it. She would do anything that was necessary to save her beautiful daughter. Kurt smiled as he was going to enjoy most of it. Claudia came down the stairs to inform the good-looking alien of her decision. He already knew it and he was ready to give Claudia a demonstration of how good it was going to be for her young daughter.

When the sexy police officer got close to him, he swiftly put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest. He kissed her passionately, slipping his tongue between her lips. Claudia opened her eyes, trying to push him away but he was too strong. He expertly kissed her until she stopped struggling and kissed him back. She threw her arms around him and pulled tighter. It had been so long since she’d kissed anybody. It felt good. Very good.

He didn’t bother to unbutton her blouse. He just ripped it open and pulled it off. She was wearing a brief bra that enhanced her well-cared-for figure. She unhooked her bra and his hands slid over firm breasts, caressing her inflamed nipples, eliciting a moan from the officer. Catching each rising nub between his thumb and forefinger, the alien man tweaked them tenderly. Claudia's passion rose quickly.

Removing his hands for a moment, he stood back to admire the gorgeous woman. Then, Kurt bent forward and his mouth descended to capture one engorged nipple. His lips closed firmly around her breast as his tongue circled about the redden nub, lashing them softly.

One hand slipped down to unbutton her executive skirt. The cloth fell to the floor exposing the brunette’s tiny panties, barely covering the well-trimmed dark pubic hair. His hand circled over her belly and dipped lower between her thighs, teasing the woman briefly until he touched the soft pussy lips through the thin cotton, rubbing them gently while his thumb pressed over the erect clit.

Then he moved his hand inside her panties; his fingers delicately parting her labia to dip into the warmth within. Her pussy was dripping wet and she moaned loudly from this arousing touch.

Claudia moved her hand over his crotch and felt his swelling cock trapped inside his pants. She wanted to see it, to touch it, to feel it inside of her. She dropped onto her knees and unzipped his pants, pulling them down to the floor. Kurt was not wearing anything underneath and his cock dangled freely in front of the woman’s face. It was enormous. His dick was still not fully erect yet and it was already eight inches long.

She grabbed with amazement the thick piece of meat and leaned forward, the tip of her tongue already sticking out. She slowly licked along its length, coating the phallus with saliva. It stiffened to full size; ten inches of pleasure before the woman's eyes.

Her jaws stretched wide to accommodate the girth as she forced her lips over the head, taking it into her mouth. The pretty woman began to suck while pre-cum mixing with her saliva in her mouth. The mix escaped her lips around the swollen penis to drip down her chin. The huge member forced Claudia to alter her posture, preventing her from falling backwards. Her lips stretched until she thought her jaw would surely dislocate. The swelling head forced itself deeper, almost down her throat, making breathing difficult. Still she continued to suck, harder now. Her burning pussy was dripping abundantly, soaking her panties.

The penis came free of her mouth with an audible plop as he grasped her waist and lifted her effortlessly to her feet. He grabbed his panties and yanked them away. Following this, Kurt sat on the couch and pulled her along, sitting her on his lap facing him. He positioned her vagina over the tip of his organ.

Claudia was trembling with excitement and nervousness. She never imagined having a cock of that size inside of her body.

Still gripping her tightly, he forced the whimpering brunette downwards onto his shaft, her pussy lips stretching to accommodate its bulk. The massive cock plunged very slowly until it was completely sheathed within her pussy. Her eyes opened wide, her lips parted in a silent scream. Leaving her there for a moment, motionless, he ran his eyes over the slender body he was ravishing. She was certainly a gem. A precious jewel helplessly impaled on his cock. It gave him great satisfaction to hear her moaning as he tugged on her erect nipples, distended with lust.

Claudia's arms were resting on his shoulders, her proud tits swung in front of his eyes. Her blue eyes were unfocused and her red lips were parted, panting with need as her body was filled to its maximum capacity. She started to move her body up and down on his penis.

Her soft white body was wracked with lust and it amused him to see her so easily enjoying their new relationship. Lifting her body slowly until less than an inch of his member was still inside, he suddenly slammed her back down onto his prick. She yelped. Muscular arms repeated the motion, again and again. The officer's eyes were closed now as her body was consumed by an aching pleasure. High-pitched moans merged together into a continuous unearthly keening under the assault. Swollen tits bounced freely in time to the rhythm.

Rebecca heard weird noises coming from the living room. When she was half way down the stairs, she froze. She saw Claudia's naked body straddling Kurt and bouncing up and down on his large cock. At first Rebecca thought that he was raping her but then she watched more carefully, realizing that Claudia was eagerly impaling herself on his cock. Maybe enjoying the ride more than he was. The nurse started to walk back silently, but the curiosity made her stay a little longer. Listening to her boss panting and gasping blissfully, made her pussy tingle and her nipples swell beneath her white nurse uniform.

“Mmpphhh ... Ahh ...aargg,” Grunting sounds escaped Claudia’s lips as she started to climax.

His cock pushed still deeper into her body even as her pussy contracted wildly and her body shuddered under the power of the incredible orgasm crashing through her helpless figure. She felt the member swell impossibly large within her widespread walls, then it twitched while gush after gush of warm seed spurted into her cavity.

Finished with their exertions, Claudia collapsed over him, gasping, her body still trembling in the aftershock of her blissful experience. This had been the greatest fuck of her life! Somehow, she felt at peace with the idea of her innocent daughter experiencing the same later on.

* * *

At that same moment, across town, a bullet slashed the side of the beast’s helmet. The alien grabbed a boomerang-like blade attached to his belt and threw it at the big black man that had shot at him. The blade flew at incredible speed, cutting through the man’s throat, almost severing his head. The alien decided it was becoming too dangerous and activated the mirroring shield, making him virtually invisible. After that, it was easy to kill the rest of the armed men. Twenty minutes of constant fire from the drug dealers had lifted a cloud of thin white dust spreading in the air and pieces of broken glass scattered on the floor. There were dead bodies everywhere. The illegal workers, mostly female, that had not been wounded or killed during the shootout, were escaping through the small windows of the cocaine lab.

The alien grabbed the ankle of a young Nicaraguan girl that was halfway out. He pulled her back in and pinned her against the wall. The terrified girl was just able to see a blurred figure, something like a ghost, moving in front of her, pressing her chest. The alien contracted his claws and put the palm of his hand over the woman’s belly. She could feel his hand moving around her stomach and down to her pussy but she couldn’t see it. Just as he reached her cunt, the situation became too stressful and she fainted.

Day three: Morning

Captain Vega was resting immersed in his thoughts after a sleepless night. Aliens exist! He was still trying to find a logical explanation other than aliens but he knew there was none. It was very hard for him to believe that kind of stuff, but the evidence he had seen was irrefutable. In the long hours they had talked with Kurt, they had agreed to start a methodical search in the places most likely to be preferred by the alien. That is, far from crowded places but not too far from the ‘hunting’ areas. They also agreed to keep a very low profile on the alien situation to prevent any leaks of information to the press which would certainly cause mass hysteria.

Kurt had informed Vega and Claudia that the government was already aware of the existence of life on other planets since finding hard evidence around the crash landing of an alien spaceship many years ago. They had found some burned bodies and metal parts but not much else. They had decided to keep it secret from the world in order to have a strategic advantage over other countries.

“Fucking bureaucratic assholes!” was all Vega said when he heard this.

Vega threw away the covers of his bed in exasperation. Time to work!

* * *

Claudia woke up in Kurt’s arms. It was 7 am and they were still lying on the couch. Claudia had an incredible feeling of satisfaction. She wanted to stay there, close to her lover’s warm skin, holding him tightly, but she knew it was getting late.

She noticed that Kurt was already awake and said, “I better check on Faith. You wait here until I explain everything to her and then I’ll call you, ok?”

She walked up to her daughter’s room and closed the door. They talked for a long while. Claudia told her everything that had happened in the previous hours. She told her about Kurt’s origin. She explained Kurt’s theory about Faith’s unknown father being an alien and that the reason for her illness was only a consequence of her changing body. Of course, Claudia didn’t mention the part when Kurt magnificently fucked her brains out just the night before. The hardest part was to explain Kurt’s ability to cure her in a rather unconventional way; sex.

Faith was certain that her mother had gone absolutely nuts. First she thought her mother was joking, but Claudia would never joke about something like this. Then, she thought that maybe a fanatic cult leader had convinced her mother of that madness just to screw her, literally. She couldn’t believe that her mother had bought such a stupid story. Nonetheless, Claudia looked more relaxed than ever. She was really serious about it.

Finally, Faith spoke, “Ok, mom. I have to be honest with you. I don’t believe a word you’ve said. I have to see that unquestionable proof you mentioned.” Faith was amused and a little excited after that weird but interesting conversation with her mother.

Claudia understood her daughter’s doubtfulness and finally called Kurt. He put on only his jeans and walked up the stairs, entering the teen’s room. Faith looked intently at Kurt’s muscular body up and down. He didn’t look like a fanatical cult leader. In fact, he was actually very handsome.

If I have to have sex with this guy, I definitely won't mind, she thought playfully. In reality, she was a little frightened, even though her brave and overprotective mother was in the room with her.

Kurt showed the teen some tri-dimension