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Time rape too

2022-11-13 20:23:54

Time rape too

Angela was out of tears, her mind trying to disconnect from her body.

Classic disassociation began to set in, she was unable to physically get away.

A person's mind will try to remove it self from inescapable physical and mental trauma. The young girl was telling her self "None of this is real,it's some nightmare. Maybe I fell in the bathroom and hit my head."

Vance broke a smelling salt container under her nose, and dumped a cup of ice water on her crotch.

The shock made her crash back to reality.

"No escape for you my little fucktoy!" The blonde boy screamed in her face.

Vance climbed up on the table straddling her face. He began stroking his cock and kneeled down so that he was doing it right over her face.

"Now you get a little taste of your own ass." He said leering at her, sweat dripped off his face and lean body.

Angela was still in hazy from the drug, in her mind she remembered someone told her that exstasy could last for more than 4 hours.

Vance stiffend and bent forward to cram the tip of his dick into the opening of the ball gag.

The salty slimy cum filled her mouth. Vance pinched her nose shut as more cum bulged her cheeks out.

The helpless girl swallowed the vile mess in self defense. Tears came again. Somehow she had been sent to Hell, and this was her personal demon.

She knew he would torture her for the rest of eternity.

Her rapist poured some more water into her mouth. Then made a mark on her cheek with his marker.

He started to walk out when her stomach growled.

The blonde teen laughed a barking laugh. "No food for you for a while fatty, got to fuck some weight off you. You can eat when I can see your ribs."

He closed the door behind him and reopened it instantly. He was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.

Angela gaped at him, his hair was longer and he had a goatee. Her eyes rolled wildly in their sockets, and goosebumps rose on her skin.

Vance smiled and said " Yes princess it's been a while I was testing how long I could keep this room frozen."

As he spoke he began to strip and look at the marks on her legs.

" I see it is time to pound that sweet pussy again."

The dildo from the last time was still in her pussy, Vance yanked it out unceremoniously.

After lubing it up he shoved it up her ass showing no mercy.

The teenage girl was too tired to even flinch as the evil young man pumped up the dildo in her ass.

Vance stood at the bottom of the table his cock hard as iron.

Sneering at her he said "I took a double dose of Viagra, a drug that won't be invented for years. It will keep my dick hard for at least 2 or 3 hours. Get ready for the ride of your life kitten!"

Vance rolled a table near the bench that had two tall clear cylinders on it. Her rapist picked up a small tube with a twist top.

He prayed cold water on her chest making her gasp. Vance placed the tube over her nipple and twisted the top. A vacuum formed, sucking her nipple painfully into the tube.

After applying another to her other nipple, he took a few moments to tweak each one until the pain was searing.

"I want your nipples longer, princess, I am going to pierce them soon." Vance said matter of factly.

He placed the larger cylinders on her chest, each one covering her boob.

He used a hand operated pump making her breasts swell and turn red.

Vance slammed his rigid cock hard into her swollen pussy. She had not even seen him move.

The jugs on her chest wagged back and forth with the rhythm of his thrusts.

Angela started to fade again from the pain when she was forced to smell the salts again.

"Now, princess, I guess we're going to have to do something to keep you awake." Vance shouted at her.

He moved to the head of the table that she lay upon. Vance did something to the support under her head. Craning her head as if she was looking up as far as possible. This vantage point lining her face up directly with his engorged cock.

Vance unbuckled the ball gag pulling it out of her mouth. Relief washed over the sore muscles in her mouth. She moved her jaw around, only to have him cram an even larger gag in her mouth.

This gag was completely hollow like a piece of rubber coated pipe.

"Now princess, you have a ring gag in your mouth. I can fuck your throat properly!"

With no further preamble he wrapped his hands around her throat. Vance began fucking her face just as hard as he had fucked her pussy.

He quickly developed a rhythm. A few frantic thrusts pull out let her gasp a single breath. Then right back at it.

At this point in the back of her mind, she realized he had shaved off all his pubic hair.

As his shaved balls whacked her in the forehead and nose.

"Better get ready to swallow! Princess," He said. " This is all You are going to be allowed to eat for some time!"

Angela realized at the last moment what he meant. His cum started pouring directly into her throat.

Vance pulled out letting a trail of slime run down her face. He moved around and repositioned the table back to its former angle.

Pausing a moment to pump a little more vacuum into the two cylinders on her chest. He then added one of the little twist cylinders directly to her clit, cranking it up as painfully as he could.

Vance grabbed his magic marker, and added a tally mark to her face.

The blonde Maniac resumed pumping away at her sore pussy. His pace was relentless, and machine-like. Pistoning in and out just as hard as when he started.

Anytime the girl started to look like she was drifting off again, he would painfully pinch her on the stomach or the inside of her thighs.

"Yeah it's still a little fat here." He would say, continuing to humiliate her.

This assault went on so long, Angela felt her thighs getting bruised just from his hips hammering into her.

just as she thought it was going to go on forever. He stiffened and pumped more of his seed into her.

Vance backed off and sat down in a chair to catch his breath. He shoved yet another inflatable dildo into her pussy and pumped it up.

"Don't want any leaking out now. Do we princess?" He then added another tally mark to her right leg.

"Once I catch my breath I'll have to do that tight ass. Of yours again, won't I?" The boy said with a sneer.

Helpless and defeated, Angela began to cry again. Very few tears escaped her eyes.

Vance noted this and brought a water bottle around and poured the contents down her throat forcing her to swallow it all .

Her jaw muscles were on fire cranked open farther than normal. Cramps were like knife blades on her lower back. It felt like someone was running a drill into it. Her feet felt cold from the low circulation.

She thought to herself. "Maybe I'll just lay here and die. At least he won't be able to hurt me anymore."

Vance got up and began to move the braces that were holding her legs up. He bought her knees together and pushing them closer to her chest.

She immediately felt the relief but also realized this exposed her ass even more. She felt him let the air out of the anal plug and pull it out.

Vance immediately rammed his cock into her ass, causing her to scream.

"You have such a pretty voice. Princess." He told her, dropping back into his machine like rhythm.

The only sounds Angela could make were grunts. Her rapist forced the air in and out of her lungs with each thrust.

Vince repositioned the lubricant drip to facilitate this round of anal rape. He pumped up the cylinders on her chest again as well as the small one on her clit. Then he began rhythmically pulling on the one that captured her clit

Vance flicked a switch on the inflated dildo in her pussy, it began to vibrate. The remnants of the drug still in her system caused her traitorous body to respond.

She could not help but feel anger. Without her volition her body began to push up at him, with what little movement she was allowed. She was chasing her own orgasm.

This only encouraged him to increase his pace back to a slamming pace.

Vance waited patiently, when she orgasmed so did he. Spraying his seed up into her rectum and yanking the inflatable dildo out of her pussy at the height of her orgasm.

This pulled a long scream and a shuddering breath from his victim. Vince added another tally mark to her left leg.

Patting her on the ass like she was a good horse. He added the inflatable butt plug to her ass explaining that both of her holes were starting to swell and they needed to have the inflatables to keep them open.

"We don't want you swelling shut now do we princess?"

Vance let the air back into the two cylinders and Angela groan as a feeling and the pain returned to her swollen breast. He also removed the three twist clamps.

Her nipples stood out like little erasers. Her clit was swollen and incredibly sensitive. He moved her legs back out again.

Putting the butt plug and pussy plug back in her. He put the large vibrator back in its brace.

He positioned it to touch her sensitive clit. Angela had one long drawn out orgasm.

She had no idea how long it lasted. She screamed until her throat was raw. For the first time in her life, She squirted.

A searing pain exploded in her left nipple. Vance pushed a stainless steel needle through it.

Vance put a ring with a captured bead in the hole.

He repeated the process on her other nipple. She could feel the blood running down her sides. She was getting so used to pain, that it was already fading away.

Vance forced her to drink another bottle of water. He sprayed her off with the water hose. The cold water making her shiver.

Vance moved out of her sight and then came back to the head of the bed. Returning her head to the original position.

Angela heard a buzzing noise, she realized he was cutting her hair off!

Using electric clippers he cut all of her long hair off, and tossed it in a trash can. Then using electric razor shaved her head completely smooth.

"Now you look like a plastic fucked doll that you actually are!" he shaved off her eyebrows as an afterthought.

"Plastic fuck dolls don't get to have an expression!" he told her.

Vance sprayed her down one more time from head to toe. "Don't want you getting all stinky in here do we?"

He tipped the table slightly so that her head was lower than her feet.

"We can let all of my cum run into your womb where it belongs. You won't leave here until I can see your ribs and your pregnant and, too far along to get an abortion."

From her new angle she could not see the door. She heard it close and immediately reopened again.

Vance left the table at the angle that it was at, not saying a single word. He simply pulled the inflatable plug out of her pussy and begin fucking her like he hated her,hard and fast.

He twisted her freshly pierced nipples anytime she dared to look like she was passing out.

Through her haze she realized that he was clean-shaven again. His hair was short, it did not take him very long this time. Maybe 5 minutes and grunted and fill her.

He put the plug back in her sore pussy. Making his tally mark he walked out The door,

He closed it and opened it he was back. Scruffy unshaven but not the neat goatee this time. He was sunburnt and sweating.

He yanked her anal plug out lubed himself up, fucking her ass with no mercy.

"That's right, You're becoming a nice plastic fuck doll. Just lay there and take it like you're supposed to!"

He said between grunts, Angela barely even reacted.

He slapped her pierced nipples, the pain was white hot. In spite of all of his efforts, she was beginning to disassociate from her body.

It was like she was watching It happen to someone else. She could not escape the room. Pain was less personal even though it was more intense.

Vance pulled out of her ass and walked around and sprayed cum all over her face. He made his tally mark andreplaced the plug again.

She heard the door open close and open close again. Vance moved to the head of the table cranking her neck back again. It's sunburn was gone. He only had a mustache.

"Vance look more like it was in his early twenties now instead of being 17. That thin lankiness was gone, he was more muscular.

A small tattoo was just above his shaved cock of an hourglass. She noticed all this before he started throat.

Fucking her again at same time he grabbed hold of the dildo in her pussy. Letting the air out of it and begin fucking it in and out of her pussy at the same time. Same rhythm that he was fucking her throat.

"This is what it's like to get spit roasted kitten." He told her "It's all a plastic fucked all like you was good for!" once again he placed the vibrator against her tortured clit. Even though she wanted an orgasm she was unable to achieve one.

Angela felt less high would be the de***********ion. She thought to herself that the drug must be finally wearing off.

Vance came down her throat. She was now used to swallowing it now. He tilted the table up.

She heard a alarm go off.

"Oh, your ecstasy must be running out Time for a new dose Princess." before she knew it, the bitter concoction was poured into her open mouth as she was forced to swallow it.

"I upped your dose a little bit princess. I also put five micrograms of a hallucinogenic acid in there as well, to improve your experience." He said with a sadistic grin.